Hair Color Generator

Hair color generator helps enhance one’s hair color and style automatically, taking into account how many times color has been applied along with post-coloring treatment taken. It is available for men and women, and youngsters.

Old is gold! But not here when it comes to graying of hair due to aging or health deficiencies.

The gray-hair man wants to look better in office, family and society for recognition. Under such circumstances, Hair Color Generator, the most modern simulation tool comes in handy to brighten look with required hair color.

Hair coloring purposes:

It is to cover gray hair, to give a lift and refresh look, to correct a color mistake, to add shine or depth of color, and to adjust to the season. For these, highlights and lowlights are recommended.

Hair Color GeneratorColor recipe:

A perfect recipe for medically proven healthier color, the natural instinct formulation contains coconut oil, aloe, vitamins and antioxidants blended with an exotic fragrance to intoxicate the user. It is non-permanent, ammonia-free formula working in just ten minutes.

Color forms:

Colors come as liquid, cream and foam.  They are classified as in-between root coverage, gray coverage, shine, conditioning gloss, and highlights. These colors have various descriptions based on their making and properties. They are available as natural instincts liquid shades, natural instincts crème shades and ammonia-free natural hair color.


They contain natural ingredients and color refresher producing no side-effects. 27 liquid shades, 3 brass free shades and 8 cream shades are available in market, enriching natural color and leaving hair softer.  These contain conditioners for radiant, healthy-looking hair.


Hair color generator has compatibilities working with as many as 28 varieties of shampoos. When applied, it covers all the gray hairs converting into the applied color. It contains a conditioning crème formula that deposits color pigments upto 15 days after coloring.


Hair color generator falls into four categories based on the permanency levels on hairs. They are permanent lasting upto 8 weeks, demi-permanent working well upto 28 washes, non-permanent and temporary.

Hair styles and types:

People have hairstyles which are long, short and medium. Men’s hairstyles include moustache and beard if any also. They vary again from classic to modern in various forms. Waves, curls, straight up, volume, loose and lush, pretty pony, fine texture and  various lengths are some types of hairs people have.

How to decide coloring?

It’s nice and easy. Consultation with a colorist is of immense use. Always hair types, permanency levels, hair lengths, type, texture and taste are the guiding factors. Some situations and recommendations are as below.

a)    Some may like different colors and different months where a plan for future colourings will have to be chalked out. For first-time coloring, demi-permanent color close to existing one is better. Previously dyed cases could have all-over coloring.

b)    Treatment process for fragile hair cases can have tactile exam for texture, porosity, elasticity and damage  before deciding on treatment. People able to frequently visit colorists could have root touch-ups, and others have demi-permanent coloring.

c)     For understanding the color, proper reference to a picture clipping or color palette would be best. The colorist also looks at the eye color, skin tone, eyebrows, face shape and the season while deciding on the color.

Permanent color products:

Products are easy and nice to fit every color need.

Tones and highlights, root touch ups,  high gloss color in minutes, drip-free tones and highlights -gray belong to permanent color category in 21 shades.

Non-permanent ammonia-free formula blending away gray in 38 shades are available.

Gray solutions products are handy for easy application against gray hair.

Natural looking hair highlights:

These include blond hair colors, all- over-lightening in one step, luminous look leaving a soft feeling and healthy gray, and shine happy color with conditioning effect.

Gel as Hair Color Generator:

The ammonia-free gel infuses hair with brilliant hues, depth and shine. It helps strands stay sparkling for upto 6 weeks with 6 weekly color lock conditioner treatments boosting shine to glittering heights. Hair colors and hair care products come after clinical trial and hence no effects are observed.


People are all about hair, caring how it smells, and more importantly, how it is soft totally curled. Long or short, hair is an expression, an experience. It’s really a soothing experience to run one’s fingers through one’s hair to feel the luscious softness after coloring. People are crazy about recognition defying age. For this hair color generator offers a permanent, perfect and painless solution.


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